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Editorial Shem Tob of Mexico

We are an international publisher with the support of 27  years of experience, bringing the best Jewish articles and religious texts to millions of homes around the world.


The specialty of the house is our wide variety of printed matter (links to books) with the unique characteristic of having a format designed for the Spanish-speaker who does not speak the Hebrew language, facilitating the understanding of the prayer and in the best cases teaching him the reading of the Hebrew.


We have information books on various topics about Judaism, self-improvement, tradition, prayer, festivals, as well as conferences.

Our books were created by a specialized rabbi in order to meet the needs that tefillah  (I pray) demand, they are comprehensive books, that is, their beautiful and personalized design, comfortable for reading and transport, texts in Hebrew-Spanish- phonetics and added with notes and instructive comments will take you by the hand through the significant act of tefillah  (I pray) fulfilling the objective that you connect with Boré  Olam.


We want you to know that our commitment to you is to satisfy as many needs as possible:

  • religious books

  • Kits for your special events

  • Judaica: party supplies and everyday needs

  • Publishing & Printing

  • Repair of religious objects


We ship around the world at an additional cost.



The dream that we fulfill daily is to accompany each Yehudi  in their prayers and spiritual life, making an understandable reading possible and fulfilling the beauty of connecting with Boré  Olam for the satisfaction of his life, even without knowing Hebrew.

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